Saturday, July 12, 2008

Whatcha Gonna Do Now, Thunder?

Molly has got to be the dumbest dog in the to Reilly (the only Retriever in the world who cannot catch). This morning she ate a razor or at least part of a razor...the part with the blades in it!

Now she is spending her time being prudently watched and fed bran in hopes that she passes the razor with no damage to her insides.

She was xrayed at Shoal Creek Animal Clinic (where Beth Anne works) and suspicious shapes and shadows not normally seen in a dog's digestive track were found. I sincerely hope (and as hateful as I am, I do mean this) she does not have to have emergency surgery.

The Doctors should have xrayed her brain.

They most likely would have discovered it to be the size of pea and her IQ to be on the level of an ordinary earthworm!

Poor dumb Molly!

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