Thursday, July 31, 2008

Exactly What Are Her Priorities?

It takes a looooong time to string a 36" strand of opera length Akoya pearls.

I ought to know. I, along with the Retrievers and Creepy, had to wait an unacceptable amount of time just to get our breakfast!

Some "rush" job for a local jewelry store took precedence over our stomachs.

I tried to feed myself, but was too short to reach the treat jar. Not to mention (again) the apparent lack of opposable thumbs.

Even Max was squawking and banging a tiny tin cup against the bars of his cage!

That's the thing about Humans...always caught up with trivial and material things, such as crap from an oyster! Geesh! We dogs would not be caught dead with such useless adornment (unless you are unfortunate enough to belong to Paris or Britney)!

A good roll in some carrion or poop is all any respectable dog needs!

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