Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Tim Is Home Again

Yesterday, the Mistress left in the morning, but did not stay gone long. When she returned, she brought the Tim home with her. He was sporting his new collar, but it wasn't quite what I thought it was going to be. Frankly, I was expecting one of those ginormous Elizabethan collars that looks like a satellite dish. I guess it's because his muzzle isn't as long as the rest of us dogs. Still, he did resemble that creepy monster, Frankenstein.

Although we are not being ignored, the Tim is getting far more attention than Mocha, Reilly or myself. The Mistress, who always seems to be in care-taking mode has been fussing over the big baby since they walked in the door. She hasn't left his side, except once when she took me with her to the grocery store. I don't think she trusted me to stay out of trouble.

This morning she kicked Reilly and I outside and cooked a big breakfast for the Tim. The smell of bacon and eggs wafting from the stove vent was torturous! Mocha was allowed to stay in and probably got handouts. Not fair. Stupid humans.

Here I am relaxing with the invalid. I did miss him. Even though, I got to sleep beside the Mistress while he was gone, she said it was for protection and for the one night only. I know she let me because she felt sorry for me having to stay in the crate all day. Oh well....I like my crate.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Where is the Tim?

They left the house at 4:40 am this morning. It was a bit odd going outside so early and then NOT getting breakfast. The Mistress came home later without the Tim. She said he was getting his new collar. At least she fed us and we went outside while she was here.

I had to go back in the crate and she left again. It was past dinnertime when she came back alone. To avoid us getting muddy, like earlier in the day, the Mistress decided to take us each out on the leash for a short walk.

We got our dinner, then I threw mine up. I guess this whole day has been making me anxious. Where is the Tim? At the vet? The groomer? The kennel?

The Mistress has gone again and I'm in my crate. I hope they come home soon!