Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Tim!

We may not get a lot of blogging done around here with all the other things going like the Tim and my Mistress leaving most every day for that place called work, or them tearing up the house and changing things like floors and walls and stuff (I don't like change!), but we still recognize birthdays! So, with that said,


I think I'll have a treat in your honor!

Love, Zoe

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 15th

The Mistress is in a huff because it's tax day. As usual she is scrambling to file....if not their taxes, then at least an extention.

I'm not sure what either of those things are, but from the mood around here I think I'd rather be at camp!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Speed Demon

The Mistress dumped me off at camp and drove to GA the last weekend in March. She and Beth Anne went to Atlanta for the ING Georgia Marathon and Half Marathon, which was to be Beth Anne's first participation in a half marathon. And run she did! She finished in 1:41:34! 7:44 minutes per mile!

Overall place: 528/9712 Gender place: 102/5504 Div. place: 41/1712

She still doesn't run as fast as me! Speaking of which, Reilly and I decided to tool around the neighborhood a bit one afternoon while the Mistress was out attending to errands. It was one of the first warm sunny afternoon, so she left us in the yard. As luck would have it, the back gate was not latched properly and we took the opportunity to check out the creek which led us through numerous back yards.

We finally ended up on a very busy road with a lot of cars. It was farther away from home than we had ever been before without our Mistress! Reilly is not too bright and one of the cars barely missed him! A lady stopped the car and got out in order to retrieve that dumb retriever from the middle of the road and another lady who lived nearby took him and put him in her fenced yard until she could find the Mistress.

The two ladies tried to catch me but, I don't like humans (except the ones I live with) and I ran too fast for them. There was even a very bad man in a truck trying to catch me. I was told later that he was an Animal Control Officer (whatever that is). He couldn't catch me either. I ran as fast as I could back home. One of our neighbors convinced me it was not a good idea to terrorize the children on the street and got me back into my own yard, making sure the back gate was secured.

I thought I'd never see dumb Reilly again and I wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing! More treats for me, I thought....but I would miss him too. I guess St. Francis was looking after us because the lady holding Reilly brought him home and the same neighbor put him in the yard with me. I was actually very happy he made it home!

An hour later, the Mistress, unsuspecting of anything amiss, arrived home. As she was pulling into the garage, the neighbor stopped her and ratted us out! Ten minutes later, she was at the bottom of the yard drilling screws into the back gate so it could not be opened! Thus, our future adventures are thwarted indefinitely!

Oh they say, "There's no place like home!"

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Slainte Mhaith

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Too much cider at the pub!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Catching Up

I've been remiss in my blogging. Over a month has passed and I have been completely and utterly uninspired to blog.

Not that there was anything interesting going on to blog about, unless you count being shipped to camp for a week at Christmas so that stupid Molly could take your place! However, I did get some pretty good treats in the Tim's stocking. Something akin to chicken jerky. Totally delish!

If you want your dog to love you like none other - then buy these! It's crack for dogs!

On another note: If you want your Mistress' attention, then don't get her one of these!

This is a total nightmare! The Tim bought one of these for The Mistress and I have to act like a maniac just to get a cookie! Of course, she is not the only guilty one!

January saw the Tim and The Mistress driving to Georgia to celebrate Beth Anne's 21st birthday. Yes, she survived but rumor has it she suffered somewhat the next day and her boots needed reconditioning.That's Jessica on the left...she's the other daughter and Beth Anne's best friend. I've bitten her too.

The cake which I got none of.

Last but not least, Reilly turned 7 as the New Year rang in. Happy Birthday Stupid.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Ho Ho Ho

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6 Things

I'm supposed to do this silly tag thing the Tim sent me. Here it is. Six things I detest...I mean like:

1) The Mistress- She loves me the most. Actually, she is the only one who really loves me. She is that way.

2) Beth Anne- She almost loves me as much as the Mistress. Although, she loves that stupid Molly more.

4) Food- Dinner, breakfast, dog food, people food, bird food. It's all good.

3) Treats- Love me some treats!!! Woo Hoo! Any kind will do.

5) A warm blankie- I really like blankies and pillows. I have thin fur, unlike the Retrievers, who shed multiple lbs. of hair everyday.

6) Riding- I enjoy the car, especially when I get to scare the crap out of unsuspecting drive thru bank tellers.

7) The Tim- I'll add that in for good measure and brownie points. He might give me a Cheez-it.

I am now suppose to tag other bloggers, but I'm a dog and don't know any other bloggers. Even if I did, I wouldn't like them.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Lucky Dog

Damn! I always wanted to catch one of these!

Beth Anne sent this picture to my Mistress. The lucky dog's name is Jake and he lives in Georgia.

The retrievers living in my house could never do this! Mocha only wants to lay about on a fluffy dog bed in the Mistress' bedroom all day and could care less about squirrels. Reilly, on the other hand, has the desire, but is too stupid. The squirrels get away before he has a chance to get close enough with all the obnoxiously loud barking he does as he charges down the hill.

I am fast enough, but my problem is Reilly. He is generally outside with me, therefore, his barking makes it difficult to sneak up on a squirrel.

Que sera.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

This and That

I've had virtually no computer time of late as many events have happened around here and time has escaped me.

In October, the humans made a complete fool of my buddy Reilly by dressing him in a ridiculous costume and parading him through the downtown streets. If this wasn't enough, they allowed evidence of this mockery to be recorded in the local newspaper. To their credit however, they did so in order to raise funds for the Roanoke Valley SPCA.

I'm just glad it wasn't me. For if it had been, someone would have surely been bitten!

The latter part of month saw the Mistress dumping me off at camp and yet again driving to Georgia, where she remained for several days. Returning in time to vote, she and the Tim seemed genuinely pleased with the results of the election. I on the other hand saw some redeeming qualities in the other party's candidates ... primarily Moose Chili. Oh well, c'est la vie.

Of late, the internet connection and home networking system has made the Mistress very cranky. The humans switched their ISP and havoc has reigned ever since. The Tim refuses to get involved in the seemingly futile pursuit of a resolution, which only leaves the Mistress to deal with the NOT-so-helpful-out-sourced "tech support" personnel. On those rare occasions when she is actually able to speak to a live person, she ends up hanging up the phone and muttering something unprintable about aliens.

Since the Tim has been all but invisible lately due to his job taking on the characteristics of a Soviet Gulag, his frustration level with this current electronic malady has been minimal. This is largely due to the fact he still has access to the internet on the Mistress' computer when he makes an occassional appearance at home.

Thanksgiving is around the corner and no doubt I am sure to be carted away to my home away from home. All the while that dumb Molly will be stinking up my place. Hopefully, the Mistress will save me some turkey and maybe Beth Anne will visit me at camp ... or not.

And speaking of birds, soon after Sugar passed away, one of the birds croaked! Not that I care. The Tim, Reilly, and I hate 'em!
Pets are dropping like flies around this place. Creepy!

As I said before, c'est la vie.