Thursday, February 28, 2008

No Bad Dogs Next Week

We dogs have been getting an ear full about the Tim's upcoming surgery. We did verify he will be wearing the collar (this will make it difficult for him to lick himself). I thought the Mistress should have him neutered as well, since the rest of us are.

Most of the talk has been about what we will not be allowed to do. For instance: No fighting, biting, barking or jumping on the Tim. Also Reilly is not supposed to "sneak" up on the bed. Although I have no first hand knowledge of this (I sleep in the laundry room), I have heard the Tim complaining of Reilly stealthily climbing onto the bed and laying on the Tim's pillow when he's in the shower. Somehow the big oaf never awakens the Mistress.

Outside we are not supposed to get in the mud, eat or roll in poop.

Basically, we are not supposed to cause problems and have absolutely no fun for awhile. On the other hand, the Tim will not be allowed to do a lot of things as well - some of which he doesn't mind, like working!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Reilly's Stomach Issues

Reilly has always puzzled the humans. He is not your average Golden Retriever. He can't catch, he gets car sick and he has a very sensitive digestive tract .... oh, and he talks. The humans seem to think he does anyhow and they apparently understand what he is trying to tell them.

We have been eating another brand of dog food for the last week. It tastes good and we like it. Although it is organic and the Mistress says the ingredients are the same as our regular food, Reilly is not tolerating it well. Let's just say the Mistress has come home to a few very foul and odiferous surprises!

The Tim is very sensitive to this sort of thing and was horrified by the very idea that Reilly would soil the house. He has a difficult time cleaning the yard and cannot handle the idea of cleaning up large piles created by a 90 lb. dog in the house. He also doesn't understand why Reilly eats crap on a regular basis and doesn't get sick, but change his food and ....... whoa, watch out!

Early this morning around 4:30, Reilly had another attack and awakened the Mistress to go out. I think she decided Reilly was not going to adapt to this food and went out this afternoon to purchase a bag of the regular stuff in time for our dinner.

Hopefully, for their sake, Reilly will be back on track in a couple of days.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine Surprise

What is all this commotion about Valentine's Day? I don't even know what it is. The Mistress spent a lot of time in the kitchen, cooking and doing what she calls, "setting a romantic table for two". I have on several occasions tried to sit at the table, but always get chased out of the chair.

The Mistress' intent was to surprise the Tim with an incredible feast, fine wine, and his favorite dessert, which of course, is Tiramisu. She cheated, due to time constraints and went to Fresh Market for the dessert.

It was she who got the surprise when the Tim arrived home an hour earlier than expected. When the meal was ready to serve, the Tim wanted to banish us dogs to another area. My Mistress promised we would be good and we complied in hopes of a bit of salmon or Prosciutto.

The whole evening was way too sappy and mushy for my tastes. Humans....geesh!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Tim has a pain in the neck.

Today the Tim had a MRI (whatever that is ) and it is supposed to tell us whether he needs to have his neck fixed again. (For more details: )
If that happens, he will have to wear a collar. I think he will look like this....

Poor sap....I mean chap!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Yummy Treats!

The Mistress was making focaccia bread (heart-shaped...geesh!) for a RFWDG Valentine's soiree this evening.

Fortunately for us dogs, she forgot to put the yeast in one of the batches! Can you say "Dog Biscuits"? Cha-ching!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Water Torture

The Mistress decided we stink.

By we, I of course mean Mocha, Reilly and myself.

And while I agree the other two have most certainly reached the point of risking arrest for odifferious offenses, I on the other hand, am as fresh and pleasant scented as a new born puppy.

My Mistress, however felt otherwise and so carted Reilly and myself upstairs to a place she calls the bathroom where she proceeded to heave us, one at a time, into a long rectangular box upon which was attached a hose like device from which water mysteriously sprayed.

Apparently, because of his size and the sheer density of hair, she tortured Reilly for an hour and a half. Me, not so long.

She had to wait for the Tim to return before attempting to subject Mocha to this hideously embarrassing ritual. Even though she is very docile, Mocha can be quite uncooperative when faced with something she dislikes - such as having her bear like toe nails trimmed.

As a result, the Mistress needed the Tim's help containing Mocha in the box which even though neither Reilly nor myself were allowed to witness, was I am sure an interesting sight. You see, the Tim has been functioning with one arm since his disc issues reappeared a couple of weeks ago.

He looks like a freak walking around with one arm hanging there like some menthol smelling, limp chew toy.

At any rate, we're all supposedly clean now - except for Creepy who is 150 years old in human years, blind as a bat, can barely hear and craps 24 / 7.

The Mistress is afraid the ensuing trauma of water torture might hasten her demise - and she's probably right.

The Tim suggested spraying her with Febreze - what ever that is.