Saturday, February 23, 2008

Reilly's Stomach Issues

Reilly has always puzzled the humans. He is not your average Golden Retriever. He can't catch, he gets car sick and he has a very sensitive digestive tract .... oh, and he talks. The humans seem to think he does anyhow and they apparently understand what he is trying to tell them.

We have been eating another brand of dog food for the last week. It tastes good and we like it. Although it is organic and the Mistress says the ingredients are the same as our regular food, Reilly is not tolerating it well. Let's just say the Mistress has come home to a few very foul and odiferous surprises!

The Tim is very sensitive to this sort of thing and was horrified by the very idea that Reilly would soil the house. He has a difficult time cleaning the yard and cannot handle the idea of cleaning up large piles created by a 90 lb. dog in the house. He also doesn't understand why Reilly eats crap on a regular basis and doesn't get sick, but change his food and ....... whoa, watch out!

Early this morning around 4:30, Reilly had another attack and awakened the Mistress to go out. I think she decided Reilly was not going to adapt to this food and went out this afternoon to purchase a bag of the regular stuff in time for our dinner.

Hopefully, for their sake, Reilly will be back on track in a couple of days.

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