Thursday, February 28, 2008

No Bad Dogs Next Week

We dogs have been getting an ear full about the Tim's upcoming surgery. We did verify he will be wearing the collar (this will make it difficult for him to lick himself). I thought the Mistress should have him neutered as well, since the rest of us are.

Most of the talk has been about what we will not be allowed to do. For instance: No fighting, biting, barking or jumping on the Tim. Also Reilly is not supposed to "sneak" up on the bed. Although I have no first hand knowledge of this (I sleep in the laundry room), I have heard the Tim complaining of Reilly stealthily climbing onto the bed and laying on the Tim's pillow when he's in the shower. Somehow the big oaf never awakens the Mistress.

Outside we are not supposed to get in the mud, eat or roll in poop.

Basically, we are not supposed to cause problems and have absolutely no fun for awhile. On the other hand, the Tim will not be allowed to do a lot of things as well - some of which he doesn't mind, like working!

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