Sunday, May 25, 2008

More News From Beth Anne-Day 12

Sorry it has been awhile since you last heard from me. We were in a place called La Ensenada the past three nights. I'm now in Monteverde sitting downtown, killing time in some internet cafe. The weather here is much cooler which is a good thing … LESS BUGS = LESS BUG BITES! I'm covered in them. We are only here for one night and then heading to the UGA campus in San Luis tomorrow afternoon. We will be back in Monteverde next week for zip lining in the canopies! I can't wait for that!!

Anyways, La Ensenada ended up being the anti-climatic part of our trip. It was very isolated which was sometimes nice, but got old after awhile. My alarm clock was not needed, because instead I was awakened by howler monkeys at 5 AM every morning. It was pretty annoying, but hilarious at the same time to think that it was monkeys waking me up, not birds/dogs/other things you might hear in the States. There was this ridiculous blue jay that decided to join in this morning ... right outside our cabin doors. He is also the same bird, along with a couple others that would sit and watch as we ate breakfast and lunch everyday waiting to see what sort of food they could steal. I heard today that one morning, one of the jays dived for some butter on the table -- yuck! I normally threw some of my toast, but today I was irritated at them for adding to the ruckus. They are huge blue jays too!

We touched a howler yesterday ... it was a young female, probably no older than 8 months or so ... she was swinging around in the trees reaching out to us. Not too much touching though, don't worry …and NO, I didn't smile at her and show my teeth. Ha! (For those of you who don't know, monkeys can find that threatening). We said goodbye to her this morning ... she was biting chunks of mango and then spitting them out.

Most of our time in the past three days was spent doing some hikes around the area and then several boat tours. Nothing too new to see, but we did finally see a bunch of crocodiles. As I implied earlier, bugs were a big issue there. The first cabin that Erin and I were assigned to was infested with these nasty ant-like bugs that fly ... there were hundreds buzzing around in the bathroom window. At night we kept as few lights on as possible. It rained the past two nights… A LOT. Rainy season here is really beginning to start. Not a bad thing though. Cools down everything and provides a nice break from the bugs.

I realized earlier that I eat these three things it least once/twice a day here:

1. eggs
2. tomatoes
3. rice and beans

You know, I worried about the food, but we eat great here! Who knows I may have even gained weight, but let's hope all the hiking and other running around works it off. I'm not a big Costa Rica dessert fan though. Flan just isn't my thing ... tres leches is good though.

Well, I miss you all, but can't believe I only have 9 days left! This trip has been amazing.

You will most likely hear from me within the next couple of days.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Update From Beth Anne

Beth Anne called last night (finally...after days of no internet access) from this resort .

The human who owns it is from Tallahassee, FL and let the group make free calls to the States. My Mistress was so elated to hear from her. She is suffering from separation withdrawal. Even though Beth Anne lives in GA, she still calls her mother daily and for the Mistress not to hear her voice for a week is unsettling.

She hasn't gotten stung by scorpions, bitten by snakes or monkeys, sunburned, or sick. She said the food is pretty good and she is eating a lot of tomatoes ... but said nothing of how the birds taste. (Of course, that's what I'm interested in ... squab, fowl, dark meat, white meat.)

Beth Anne has seen every animal and bird imaginable in Costa Rica and has taken hundreds of pictures. Today, they are hiking at the waterfall and volcano.

Tomorrow they leave Arenal for Ensenada and will be there through the 24th. The hotel/lodge probably does not have internet access so the Mistress will have no communication again. (She may have to borrow my Chinese herbs.)

During their stay in Ensenada the group will go on a boat tour of Isla de Pajaros (Bird Island). Sounds like a smorgasbord to me!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Friday, May 16, 2008

A Note From Beth Anne-Day 3

So, today was one of the best days of my life.

First off, we are still at the La Selva Biological Station and actually we are isolated, but not without internet like we were told to expect. I have waited to send updates though so I could send a better email.

Yesterday, when we first arrived we ate lunch and then walked around a bit, had an orientation type of thing. Had some free time afterwards before dinner so we walked along a trail with our guide (one who will stay with us through most of the trip) ... we were not joined by actual guides who work here until today. Anyways, the trail was paved and we saw some birds, but nothing too exciting. Basically La Selva has a feel like 4-H Camp only in the jungle. We have been staying in a lodge with rooms that hold up to 6 people each - 3 sets of bunk beds. No one knows what humidity is until they have been here.

The rooms are hotter than outside sometimes ... you may shower, but you only feel clean for so long. All we do is sweat. However, they save all the air conditioning for the computer room and I am actually beginning to get chilly after being out in the heat all day. Anyways, after dinner last night we went on a night hike. Basically saw bugs and big frogs. Looked for crocodiles and owls, but were unsuccessful.

Today is where the real fun began ... We were up and outside by 5:45 AM for a morning bird hike/watch. It was okay at first, but by 7:00 we were all pretty hungry and kept seeing the same birds. We did not eat until 8 and then had down time pretty much until 1:30ish. Got some good hanging out and reading time in. We split up into two groups for the afternoon hike and my group ended up going on a 2 hour hike all over the forest. Saw poison dart frogs, a really awesome stick bug, the craziest looking spider, pecarries (think pig), more birds including but not limited to red lored amazon parrots, white crowned amazon parrots, parrokeets, keel billed toucans, chestnut mandibled toucans, orioles, woodpeckers, etc. Also, saw a cool snake and some bats!

But, here is the greatest part -- MONKEYS! Capuchin monkeys and then howler monkeys!! I kid you not I stood 5 feet away from a howler monkey at one point. One was on this bridge that we have to walk back on to get to the lodge ... he walked along with us! It was absolutely amazing. I cannot wait to show you all pictures (if you are interested)!

Well, enough excited rambling. I am in complete awe and so satisfied with my day. I better go though. Dinner is at 6 and I need to start walking towards the dining hall before it gets too dark! By the way, we leave tomorrow at 6:30 AM for Tortuguero. This is apparently where we are supposed to be headed to which believe me, looks a lot different from here!

Love to you all!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Home Again

After what has seemed like an eternity, my Mistress finally drags into camp today at 3 pm to retrieve me.

She was scheduled to pick me up Tuesday evening, but apparently spent more time than planned debating the amount of hair products Beth Anne would need in a rainforest and driving around the state of Georgia longer that anticipated.

The purpose of this trip was to assist in packing the much needed hair products and escorting Beth Anne to the Atlanta airport for her flight to some kennel called Costa Rica where she will be studying birds of all things.

Maybe she will bring me a souvenir ... a tasty one with feathers.

I can excuse the fact she did not pick me up on Tuesday evening as planned as she was on the road trying her best to get home. She was exhausted and I did feel rather sorry for her. However, today was another matter altogether.

She delayed picking me up this morning to attend to some customers (blah, blah, blah) and then ... have lunch with the Tim at his work place. I ask you, who is more important anyway? Do you think I got any of that Chicken Panini or pasta salad? Nope! Instead my reward was a bath and a nail trim!

Now I smell like an annoypid poodle.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Our Mistress is off to that Georgia place again.

We can't let her go without recognizing her on her special day.

For keeping us well fed ...

For letting us have treats from the table ...

For taking care of us when we don't feel well ...

For loving us more than anyone else ...

Happy Mother's Day

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Reilly is going to be in big trouble. He ate the Tim's tiramisu. I had nothing to do with it.

The Mistress was in the process of packing lunches and placed the last piece of tiramisu into a container for the Tim's lunch.

Two mistakes: 1)Leaving the top off the container. 2) Leaving the container on the counter while she disposed of the original box in the big, blue trash bin outside.

All I can say is that he ate it in one gulp and didn't even have the consideration to share!

Reilly has lately begun helping himself to the human's food, if by chance a back is turned for even a split second. Much to their repugnance, he has even been brazen enough to stick his big, fat, Retriever nose on the counter in plain sight of the Mistress and the Tim. I would never be caught in such a revolting act!

He also steals food thrown into the trash.

Recent conversation I overheard between the Tim and the Mistress:

The Mistress: "Tim, don't put those chicken bones into that trash can...Reilly will stick his fat head in there."

The Tim: "No he won't, because if he does, I'm going to stick a hammer in it."

The Mistress: "Oh...when did you decide you wanted to share a room with Michael Vick?"

This type of behavior used to seem out of character for Reilly, ever obedient that he was. Now it seems ill manners fit his character quite well. I have no ill manners to speak of.

The Tim is at a smelly cigar function, but when he gets home......I'm glad I'm not Reilly. The dumb blonde.

Hmm........ Michael Vick might get a new bitch.

(disclaimer: The Tim has never nor would ever stick a hammer into Reilly's head. He just says it occasionally.)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Too Bad

Over a year ago, my Mistress started a project. Painting cabinets and walls, as well as re-papering the other walls in the downstairs kitchen. She somehow got distracted with other things such as performing a lobotomy on Mr. Hyde (a.k.a. the Tim). Performing the lobotomy was not unlike extracting a person's cranium from their nether region. At any rate, the project went on hold, which is somewhat typical for her. And they say I am ADHD. Geesh!

The Mistress has returned to this project and the entire surface of the pool table covered with the remaining cabinet doors. They are primed and ready to be painted, which might actually occur before she's off to Georgia again. We will see. The Tim is dubiously hopeful.

As a result of the pool table's current usage as a work table, The Larkview Center for Wellness and Pool Therapy is closed for an indefinite time period. The Tim will have to deal with it and find other means for an excuse to drink beer and smoke cigars with his buddy, Don. When these two get together, I am stuffed into my crate or shut outside.

Since, I don't care for either, I hope my Mistress takes her time. What's another year (or seven in my case) anyway?