Sunday, May 4, 2008


Reilly is going to be in big trouble. He ate the Tim's tiramisu. I had nothing to do with it.

The Mistress was in the process of packing lunches and placed the last piece of tiramisu into a container for the Tim's lunch.

Two mistakes: 1)Leaving the top off the container. 2) Leaving the container on the counter while she disposed of the original box in the big, blue trash bin outside.

All I can say is that he ate it in one gulp and didn't even have the consideration to share!

Reilly has lately begun helping himself to the human's food, if by chance a back is turned for even a split second. Much to their repugnance, he has even been brazen enough to stick his big, fat, Retriever nose on the counter in plain sight of the Mistress and the Tim. I would never be caught in such a revolting act!

He also steals food thrown into the trash.

Recent conversation I overheard between the Tim and the Mistress:

The Mistress: "Tim, don't put those chicken bones into that trash can...Reilly will stick his fat head in there."

The Tim: "No he won't, because if he does, I'm going to stick a hammer in it."

The Mistress: "Oh...when did you decide you wanted to share a room with Michael Vick?"

This type of behavior used to seem out of character for Reilly, ever obedient that he was. Now it seems ill manners fit his character quite well. I have no ill manners to speak of.

The Tim is at a smelly cigar function, but when he gets home......I'm glad I'm not Reilly. The dumb blonde.

Hmm........ Michael Vick might get a new bitch.

(disclaimer: The Tim has never nor would ever stick a hammer into Reilly's head. He just says it occasionally.)

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