Saturday, May 3, 2008

Too Bad

Over a year ago, my Mistress started a project. Painting cabinets and walls, as well as re-papering the other walls in the downstairs kitchen. She somehow got distracted with other things such as performing a lobotomy on Mr. Hyde (a.k.a. the Tim). Performing the lobotomy was not unlike extracting a person's cranium from their nether region. At any rate, the project went on hold, which is somewhat typical for her. And they say I am ADHD. Geesh!

The Mistress has returned to this project and the entire surface of the pool table covered with the remaining cabinet doors. They are primed and ready to be painted, which might actually occur before she's off to Georgia again. We will see. The Tim is dubiously hopeful.

As a result of the pool table's current usage as a work table, The Larkview Center for Wellness and Pool Therapy is closed for an indefinite time period. The Tim will have to deal with it and find other means for an excuse to drink beer and smoke cigars with his buddy, Don. When these two get together, I am stuffed into my crate or shut outside.

Since, I don't care for either, I hope my Mistress takes her time. What's another year (or seven in my case) anyway?

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