Saturday, January 31, 2009

Catching Up

I've been remiss in my blogging. Over a month has passed and I have been completely and utterly uninspired to blog.

Not that there was anything interesting going on to blog about, unless you count being shipped to camp for a week at Christmas so that stupid Molly could take your place! However, I did get some pretty good treats in the Tim's stocking. Something akin to chicken jerky. Totally delish!

If you want your dog to love you like none other - then buy these! It's crack for dogs!

On another note: If you want your Mistress' attention, then don't get her one of these!

This is a total nightmare! The Tim bought one of these for The Mistress and I have to act like a maniac just to get a cookie! Of course, she is not the only guilty one!

January saw the Tim and The Mistress driving to Georgia to celebrate Beth Anne's 21st birthday. Yes, she survived but rumor has it she suffered somewhat the next day and her boots needed reconditioning.That's Jessica on the left...she's the other daughter and Beth Anne's best friend. I've bitten her too.

The cake which I got none of.

Last but not least, Reilly turned 7 as the New Year rang in. Happy Birthday Stupid.

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