Saturday, July 5, 2008

Birthday Dessert

Birthdays around here are rarely celebrated with traditional birthday cakes. The Tim and Beth Anne both are partial to cheesecakes and/or Tiramisu. And sometimes they get both! Us dogs get homemade dog treats with cheese and tuna for our birthdays. Yum! The Tim doesn't like the smell of those, but then he doesn't appreciate other odors that I find quite appealing.

Thursday was The Tim's birthday and since he and The Mistress were going out to celebrate with other humans (people they refer to as their Wine-Dinner Club), The Mistress delayed making the desserts until today so they could be enjoyed at this evening's cookout. A cookout at Pam and Austin's, which I might add, I do not get to attend. They have two lard-assed Golden Retrievers and do not invite other dogs. (If they didn't have dogs, I don't think Austin would invite me because of that over blown biting incident a couple of years ago.)

The first dessert she made, a favorite here, is a Key Lime Cheesecake with Strawberry Sauce. The Tim was not around to see, so I got to lick the spatula! Then she fixed the Tiramisu, which in Italian means "pick me up" or loosely translated as "make me less sad/happier". Yeah, I'll say it makes him happy. I will never get a bite because The Tim will hunker down over his plate, moaning and groaning in a disgusting display of gluttony sucking up every last bit like a turbo-powered Hoover!

And they call me the beast!