Monday, June 2, 2008

Random Emails With Beth Anne (UGA Campus/Costa Rica)

May 28
Jessica was here for dinner and we tried to call before your lecture....the phone was busy and we tried again before she left...about 10:40 (our time) but you had already gone to the cabina. I talked to Jordan who said it would take 10-15 min. just to walk to the cabina to get you!!!! That’s a long walk from the Student Union. I told him that Jess and I would email you and set up another time to call. Jessica has the number, so she may try on her own.
Miss you!!!!!!!!
Love, Mom

May 29
Hey Mom,
Jordan came back and told me you had called and I was pretty disappointed. Our electricity went out last night & is still out ... it pretty much rained all day yesterday, all night & it’s pouring right now. Luckily the electricity is only out in the cabinas…I think. We are eating breakfast soon and then heading out to that other lodge for the night ... it's going to be WET, WET, WET! & we are all going to be so grungy by morning. We went on a tour of a coffee plant yesterday ... they also made sugar there - I got to gnaw on sugar cane ... pretty interesting. I got you something really cute there for one of our Christmas trees -- it's handmade too :) Our waterfall hike got canceled though because it was too dangerous with all the rain ...
Well, I miss you and yeah, we should set up another time to call. Maybe Saturday or Sunday sometime. We are trying to finish our group projects in our free time.
Love you & miss you lots.

May 30
So, San Gerardo was a little crazy ... the hike was hard. It took an hour and half to hike to it -- & lemme tell you it was all downhill & in the pouring rain. The whole time I couldn't stop thinking about how we would have to hike UP it the next day. The lodge was really rustic and the view from our rooms and porch was the Arenal volcano which was so awesome to see again! However, the people who run the place turn all the lights off at nine and last night the guy said he would probably keep it on later, but I guess he changed his mind because he gave us a 5 minute warning & just like that, everything went out. We sat by candlelight from that point on ... watched moths burn to death. I don't know why they like light so much -- never have researched that actually -- do you know?
We got back today late afternoon. I finally tracked down a phone card so I could talk to Dad and wish him a happy birthday. Luckily, I got a hold of him after a couple tries -- forgot he was going to the Bahamas. He answered his cell phone ... bet he's racking up nice phone bill down there -- you know he's using it all the time of course. I wanted to call you, but the phone card only had seven minutes on it ... the guy who gave it to me said he thought he had 15 minutes or so, but apparently not. Oh well. I don't feel so bad using it now.
Anyways, I think you should try to get on gmail 10 PM your time. I'll try my best to get on the computer then, but it's a happening place & you know it takes people forever to do anything on these computers.
Well, love you and can't wait to talk to you on the phone & catch up. I'll see you in a week! :)

May 30
Darn.I was hoping you might be around ... called you tonight. Left a voicemail on your cell then called Grandma's & talked to John and her.
Hopefully I will hear from you tomorrow.
Love you.

May 31
Sorry, I missed your call. Tim and I were at Greenhill Park for Relay for Life Walk and I left my cell in the car. Got your v.m. and then we went to Grandma's. John said you called there. I know Mom was thrilled to hear from you.
We are going to be at Pam's tomorrow night for another Morgan farewell dinner. I will try to call you again tomorrow. I haven't looked at your schedule to see what you are doing on Sat. but try to pick a time that I can call.
Love you and miss you, Mom

May 31
Okay, so I'm just sitting around working on some drawings for our brochure ... I've been on gmail for awhile hoping you'd somehow get on ... maybe you are at work. Anyways, I'll try back around 5 my time if the computer is available. Hopefully you will be around.

June 1
We went to Pam and Austin's at 6:30 PM (our time). That was when you were on the computer. Sorry. Remember the 2 hr. diff. We did not get home until 11.
I will pretty much be home all day today. I want to call you.....what if I call you around lunchtime...say 12:30. I noticed you have free time at 1:00.

June 1
We have our group projects due at 2:30 ... I will be around, but cannot guarantee that I can talk that long. If you get this anytime soon, call now.

(Success with the phone call)

June 2
Hey. Sorry I never got a chance to get on the computer yesterday ... presentations went well. It's really weird that today is my last day here. Bittersweet really. Anyway, I feel pretty bad right now. My back is hurting so much ... I think it's because of the s***** bed I slept on ... hard as a rock. I'm about to go see how I respond to breakfast ... I'm sure I'll be fine. Anyways, San Jose has good computers so I will email you later.

Love you lots.
Don't get too lonely with Tim gone!

June 2
Let me know when you get to San Jose. Can't believe you've already been gone 3 wks! Xoxo Mom

June 2
In San Jose. Just got settled into the hotel. I will check in later. We are going downtown.

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