Thursday, April 3, 2008

Puppy Love

I know that I am guilty of making fun of humans....humans making fools of themselves and each other, stupid human tricks, human habits, human....well, you get it.

Sometimes humans do really good things. Sometimes those good things involve benefits to the animal world. Especially for dogs and cats.....well dogs, definitely. I'm not big on cats.

The Mistress and the Tim are attending the Puppy Love Ball on Saturday, April 5th. This event is a hugely popular fundraiser to raise funds for animals and also the awareness of the needs of animals.

My Mistress has always loved animals and caring for them (I wish I were the only one) and this will be a meaningful evening for her. I've heard her say on many occasions that she would prefer to spend her time around animals rather than people. Who could blame her? Certainly not I, although I'm not much on tolerating other animals or people outside my own household pack. The birds don't count as part of the pack. I just consider them to be food.

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