Tuesday, November 13, 2007

No, No, Not Another One!

I overheard my Mistress talking with Beth Anne about a Beagle of all things! It appears she found this puppy that had been dumped by some cruel and irresponsible humans. Stupid humans.

Beth Anne is calling this dog "Molly" and thinks she is keeping her! What is she thinking!? I'm her dog!

The Tim is convinced The Mistress will end up with this animal, as she has with all the rest. Not to worry! I'll take care of it. I am the boss dog of the house and I'm laying down the law now.

There will be no more dogs in this house.

One more thing...I heard them talking about trading MY crate for this other dog's crate because it is too big! Too bad! I don't want some other dog's stinking crate. I have mine just the way I want it, with a chewed up cushion and the Tim's fleece blanket. "Molly" has already stunk up my condo in Athens. (Proof: see picture confiscated off Facebook) How can I return there now? It smells of Beagle! I am not happy about this at all. The Chinese herbs are not working!

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