Thursday, September 6, 2007

Everything is blah.........

Beth Anne went to school August 9th.

The Mom didn't even take me to Georgia with her.

It had something to do with renting a room in the condo to Beth Anne's friend and me biting her.

Would I do that?

I had to go the the kennel. Yuck!

Everybody misses Beth Anne. Mocha misses her. Reilly misses her. I miss her. I think that even Sugar misses her, in her own little demented way.

The Mom and Tim especially miss her. The house just isn't the same. There are no banging doors and running up and down the stairs. The phones don't ring as much.

She is fun and bubbly and sneaks us food under the table (when the Tim isn't looking).

I heard a rumor that she won't come back home until Thanksgiving, whenever that is.

Whenever it is, I'm sure it's too long!

The Mom and Tim are always busy with stuff or are always leaving the house for hours on end. I'm told to get in my crate, which sometimes earns me a cookie.

They are pretty boring in my opinion. At night they play backgammon and try to ignore me even though I'm being as obnoxious as I can be.

Group hug! Play with me! Treat!

I'm talking, but they are not listening.

Stupid humans.

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